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The Gwendolyn Burks AED Program has been formed as a way to provide a free AED to a deserving organization.

Gwen was a nurse who spent the majority of career caring for the elderly. Two months after her 46th birthday Gwen passed away suddenly from heart failure. No CPR was attempted nor was an AED brought to her side.  She was in a public place and yet there was no immediate help available.

Gwen was the mother of Nation’s Best CPR co-owner, Jennifer McBride.  In Gwen’s honor the owners of Nation’s Best CPR will donate a brand new Zoll AED Plus each year.

To be considered for the program, please submit your organization’s information and a brief essay about why your organization should be awarded the free AED.

Each year, the free AED will be awarded to an organization that serves the senior community. In future years we hope to expand that reach.

This program begins on Valentine's Day and runs through Mother’s Day each year.  All submissions must be received by Mother's Day.

Submissions will be reviewed and the AED will be awarded by May 31.

An agreement will be required and states that the AED will not be sold or passed along in any way. There will be no exchanges or substitutions provided.