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NEXT STEPS - after your class has been set up in Enrollware by Nation's Best CPR...

  • Hyperlinks: (for Blended classes only) For all Blended Learning classes be sure your students have completed the online training or provide them the hyperlink to the online training. Require students to complete it prior to class . If you need the hyperlinks, please request the links in the Comments section of your Class Request Form.
  • Add Students: You can Add Students into Enrollware by clicking the Add Student button in the top right of your class listing.  This will also create your printable roster that you'll use for student signatures (click Student List and print).  Please include student names and email addresses for certification processing.
  • Upload the signed Roster and associated paperwork into Enrollware after class
  • Pay Your Invoice: Next business day you will receive an Invoice for the number of certifications to be processed.  You are only billed for "successful" students.  Once the invoice is paid, certs will be processed.
  • Cards Are Issued: Nation's Best CPR will process all student certifications on your behalf and certifications will be emailed to your students directly from the issuing organization (AHA, ARC)

CONGRATULATIONS on your class!!  WE love helping our instructors grow their business, don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions anytime!

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