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Teladoc Monthly Subscription

Teladoc provides 24/7 access to physicians via telephone or facetime interactions.  You will be assessed for general medical issues (cold, flue, sinus infections, bladder infections, etc.) and treated with OTC and/or prescriptions - when appropriate. (prescription medication is not guaranteed).

As part of the Nation's Best CPR group plan, you will pay $0 per visit!  There will never be an additional charge, beyond your monthly subscription, for your general medical visits.

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Teladoc is not considered major medical coverage and is not insurance.  You are enrolling in a monthly, auto-pay, subscription. You may cancel at anytime with a 30 day notice. 

Below information is from the Teladoc website: 

You should choose General Medical any time you want to talk to a doctor in minutes about non-emergency health issues like sinus problems, respiratory infections, allergies, flu symptoms, rashes and many other illnesses. Doctors are available 24/7 by phone, video or mobile app. Your doctor will diagnose your symptoms and provide a treatment plan, which may or may not include a prescription.

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Individual Plan $29/ month

Family Plan $39/ month